Img 3655 (3)About Kerstin

It was not difficult to take the leap from guidede meditation and relaxation to spending time in nature via virtal reality.

Because like relaxation and mindfullness, VR can positively impact our well-being and help us find inner peace.

I chose this area for two reasons; firstly beacuse I once experienced serious burn-out and know how bad things can get. And secondly beacuse I have come to realise that I have an affinity for it (my meditations CDs were the most popular in Denmark at one time).

And my Sami descent means that I have nature in my blood.

All in all a good combination with my university degree in information and communication

My CD series titled ”På rejse med sjælen” (A journey of the soul) can be purchased on my website My tantric CD Tantra Touch can also be purchased on my website.

Besides the above, I´ve also developed a calenar-watch for people with dementia called Dintido. You can find the watch and other products on my webshop You can find the watch and other products on my webshop:

About Thomas

A couple of years ago, I switched careers. After spending years travelling the world, first by ship as a marine engineer and then by plane as a technician, I changed direction. My focus changed and I began working with people instead of machines.

One day I began volunteering as a companion to people with disabilities. It was hugly rewarding. And then I began doing yoga. That was when I discovered how much I had taken my body for granted, expecting it to alway obey me and do as I directed.

I reconnected with my body and became a yoga instructor. Once I god out of my head and back into my body, the next natural step was to train as a masseuse.

Working with the human body is such a pleasure, and I enjoy helping people do something good for themselves via yoga and massage. And we can do even more.

I can use virtual reality to reach more people and help them find inner peace. Virtual reality is an amazing tool. And if used correctly, it can help stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system and prevent stress.

Now that´s something I find interesting.