What can VR offer?

Virtual reality makes it easy to find inner tranquility.
Research shows that virtual nature experiences can lower blood pressure, improve concentration and memory, heighten creativity, increase energy levels and improve sleep.

Not bad!

But not surprising either: from an evolutionary standpoint, it´s mere seconds since we moved into cities and began watching television and using smartphones and computers.

Add to this the stress epidemic around us, and there may be something to indicate that we´re in dire need of an inner peace.

Nature itself has healing properties. We´ve decided to take it a step further. Research also shows that music has a calming and uplifting effect. Henning Flintholm, who composed the music for our VR experiences, has released more than 10 wonderful albums of mindfullness music.

The third path to inner calm is guided relaxation.

The VR experiences come with audio tracks containing nature sounds, music and guided relaxation.

But why just take our word for it? We´d be happy to visit you workplace and take you on a trip to Greece or Bornholm.