Proof of the benefits of VR

The effects of virtual reality have been researched since the 1980s. Below are links to some of the research results.
The Effects of Watching a Virtual Reality Forest Video on Stress Reduction in Adults. Department of Environment & Forest Resources, Chungnam National University, Korea (2019).

The korean experiment showed that a virtual nature experience had a positive effect on the psychological state of the participants. Feelings of anxiety, depression, despondency, anger and fatigue all decreased and were replaced by contentment and calm.

On the other hand, a virtual experience of an urban environment made participants feel tired and insecure.

Link to the research report

Inducing physiological stress recovery with sounds of nature in a virtual reality forest — Results from a pilot study.

Article in Physiology & Behavior , Volume 118 , June 2013.

Link to the article

How virtual reality can improve your mental health – Matt Vogl.

A TED-talk about a trial using virtual reality in a prison in Alaska. Begins at the 05:09 minute mark.