What can VR offer?

Virtual reality makes it easy to find inner tranquility.

The majority of us know that a walk in the forest will help us relax and it will re-energise us, although we don´t always have the opportunity or energy to do so.

However, we can now easily and cheaply take a mini vacation or have a nature experience, all the while finding inner peace.

Research shows that virtual reality experiences can lower blood presssure, improve concentration and memory, increase energy levels and improve sleep.

From an evolutionary standpoint, it’s mere seconds since we moved into cities and began watching television, and using smartphones and computers. We feel at home in nature, and spending even just a short time in nature can help our bodies relax (our experiences last 20 minutes).

You can use the experiences at home, on the bus or train, or during a break at work.

The app can also be shared by a family. Perhaps your relatives could also use a relaxing break from everyday life.