How it works

1. Buy a VR headset. Either online or in a store. It is important that you buy a size that suits your mobile phone.

You can find VR headsets online with this search

Get to know your headset first, for example adjust it so that it fits comfortably.

2. Buy the app “Nature at Work” either in App store or Google Play The price is DKK 79;- incl. VAT.

When you are ready to try your VR experience for the first time:

3. Set your mobile phone to “Do not disturb” so that you can enjoy your VR experience in peace and quiet

4. If you have a VR headset with built-in earphones, plug the cable from the VR headset into your mobile phone.

5. Start the app and fix your phone into the headset. Select the soundtrack you want by looking at it.
Choose the audio track by looking at it.

6. You’re on your way! If you want to return to the start,
look down and keep your gaze on the house symbol

Choice of VR headset – read more here

Watch the video